Zinnia Had a  Tea Party 2

Place setting painted by Sage.

This little pink convertible, another gift from Liz Dieleman, reminds me of a Barbie car.

No party is complete without presents.  The stack of blocks on the left is an Art of Mini kit and was purchased at a show.

These are the remaining pictures from Zinnia had a Tea Party.

Room Boxes by Denise Morales

This doll suitcase started out with a Zinnia challenge.  Zinnia had put a 2 inch insulated rope on my desktop. What I am going to do with this, I thought?  I pulled the cord apart and found this blue crepe-like paper inside. I, then, made the above doll out of Sculpey and dressed her with the paper.  Then I remembered seeing on Pinterest the tiniest knitted doll clothes and I knew that I would probably never have the chance to buy them.  So, I thought, I would just have to try to make some out of this tiniest knit fabric I had in my stash.  I cut small rectangles out of the knit, colored them with marker and added bunka, beads, bows and lace.  I made the suitcase out of several rectangular layers of card stock and covered them with fabric.  I glued the dolls and clothes into the case and added a bear by Barbra Meyer.  I placed a naked doll on top of the case to remember the toddler days when Zinnia immediately undressed any new doll  never to redress the doll again.

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