Room Boxes by Denise Morales

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​Stacked pillows were a class taught by Paulette Svec.

I made this corset in a similar manner to the stockings and pillows.  Again, I cut the corset shape out of a heavy paper and glued edges together then embellished with trims.

Lace doily was a gift from Beckie Sanderson.  To make the stockings, I cut 2 stocking shapes from heavy paper, covered each side with fabric, glued wrong sides together on the edges, stuffed with cotton, then embellished with lace, ribbon, buttons, beads, greenery and vintage photo. Pillows are also made in a similar way, except I punched 2 shapes from heavy card stock, covered each side with quilt batting, fabric and lace, then glued the 2 halves together.  I wedged a ruffle lace or trim between the 2 halves.

Spool and notion boxes are a kit from Cynthia Howe.  For the wreaths, I punched the hearts from card stock and then covered them with landscaping foam, then added punched daisies.  I saved and used a label from my daughter's little girl dress to make the bird pillow.

LOVE picture was a round robin and I then added the lace to compliment the lace shop theme.

These simple hearts were punched from card stock, covered with lace and trimmed with bunka.  Lace purse was gathered at the top and bottom, stuffed with batting and embellished with a bunka flower and silk bow.

I made this lace picture after being inspired by viewing altered art blogs.

The gold framed lady print was painted by the late Shirley Blair.

​The trunk was a kit from Bonnie Lavish which I believe she no longer makes.  Once I filled the trunk with the bigger clothing items, I then filled the smaller spaces and holes with vintage photos, button card, present, candles, and trim reels.  I then added green fern leaves.

​When I spotted this wine table rack at the miniature store, I saw all kinds of lace shop potential. I filled the cubbie holes with bundled trims and laces, rolled fabric, spools of thread, metallic bird's nest, and tiny bottles.  I also stuffed a garden urn with all kinds of lace and trims.

​This pocket organizer was super fun to make because it was filled with a bunch of odds and ends.

Lace trim, punched green leaves, and fancy buttons turned these rather clunky looking metal plates into something more interesting.  Since I did not have a gold metal vase, I took a glass vase and filled it with gold no hole beads to give the shelf the metal texture it needed.

The center plate is a gathering of odds and ends like one might see displayed in a vintage shop.

​I made these albums with muslin covered card stock and a children's craft foam sheet cut and edged with a gold marker for the pages.  They were embellished with a Bonnie Lavish buckle, silk ribbon, lace and vintage picture.

​I filled a Reutter porcelain bowl with spools of lace, button card, scissors, fern leaves, a trimmed goose down feather, an inexpensive Valentine's embellishment found at the craft store, vintage looking documents rolled and tied with sewing thread, and a paper punched flower.

The dome display includes a porcelain figurine, spools of thread, bird's nest and eggs, doily, green branch and a vintage paper.  I made the nest from an old green Brillo pad that had accidentally been churned by my disposal. 

​These wonderful lace platform shoes were designed by the late Shirley Blair.

​To make the small doll dresses, I gathered the top of a lace trim, colored one with marker, then cut and glued a smaller lace trim to form a bodice and sleeves.

​Lace umbrellas are made with toothpicks and large hole beads.  Bag was a round robin taught by Bonnie Glazer.

I found this library table at the miniature store, Dollhouses Unlimited, and thought that it would make an interesting display for lace bolts and spools.

I filled a bowl-shaped shell with buttons, scissors, lace, spools and cards of thread, shown on the top left side of shelf.  I cut a laser-cut round doily in quarters to make the cones and filled them with sliced millefiori.

Paulette Svec shared her antique lace and pattern to make the center white dress.  Since I had so much fun making the dress, I went home to make the two other dresses with antique laces supplied by Sherrill Jenkins.

​A group member brought in a picture of a miniature lace shop and all members agreed that this would be a good group project.  My mind began to race with all sorts of wonderful possibilities for this shop and I knew that I would have to use a big room box for it.

Lace Shop