Two large glass jars filled with colorful buttons and silk ribbon spools.

Metal Mini framed sprayed with white primer and then colored with Pearl-Ex powdered Pigments.  Scissors are a collection of metal minis, brass and paper. 

Brumelda had a very busy sales day--lots of bolts of fabrics, spools of thread and trim, and button cards stashed here and there.

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 left side of box.

Brumelda's Fabrics and Trims

 I drew witch hats with a black pen onto patterns purchased from Lisa's Little things.

Witch wig made with unraveled upholstery trim.

Garland--Made with glittered star confetti and rhinestones, and ScriptedPaper collages made with witch images,rhinestones,  no-hole and small beads. 

This is the fabric bolt shelving unit made by  Jack Gaiser.

right side of the box.

Center of the box.

A fellow club member's husband made my miniature group a fabric bolt display shelf to use in a  fabric and clothing shop for witches.  Since I could not combine the two themes in one box,  I chose to use a smaller room box to highlight this large furniture shelving unit and made a bigger room box to showcase the witch's boutique.  (see Pattidora's Boo-tique above.)  Since i love collecting vibrant fabrics and trims, this witch -themed box provided a nice home for Appreciating and displaying them.  Completed in 2011.

Room Boxes by Denise Morales