Room Boxes by Denise Morales

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Baby carriage is another metal charm and doll with bear was a show purchase.

Toothpick dolls, house and ABC block charms, and glass dog.

Toys include a Karen Markland rocking horse, pom pom bear purchased at a show, paper doll sheet , and ball made from a pin head.

These small yarn dolls are made with embroidery floss.

Karen Markland painted this cute puppy.

Horse pull toy is a charm and the three plastic sheep were purchased at a miniature show (from the Kennedy's) and all painted with the technique that I described in A Shabby Christmas room box.  I purchased a lily of the valley kit from SDK miniatures found here.  Small girlie pictures were found at NYPL digital gallery.  Large oval picture I reduced from a 1" scale one I had.  Bottles are pearl beads, gold findings and tiny no hole beads.

The bunny is made from Fimo and covered in brown flocking.  The bear is a slice of millefiori from Tamara Marble. The tiny brass shoes, given to me by Sherrill Jenkins, were primed then painted with acrylics and finished off with Mod Podge.  The purse was a metal charm that I painted and embellished with sewing thread and chain.

Two dresses:  one was made from a fine pink cotton and the other was from a printed silk from Brodnax.  Shown on the back wall, are hair bows and clips that are glued to a wide silk ribbon and are made from nail decorations and tiny findings.

Hat was made from a type of canvas that I colored with a pink marker.  Fimo bear I bought at the miniature store.  Boxes are wooden blocks that I covered with 1/4" scale paper and Jeanetta Kendall trim.  Blue flower on shelf edge is coiled bunka with added bunka for leaves and center.

Here is another toothpick doll.  I used very thin wood for the arms and legs.  The buns on the side of the head are no hole beads.

I believe this pewter doll in a pink dress is no longer manufactured and is about 20 years old..  I colored the plastic rocking horse, given to me by Tina Squire, with Souffle opaque markers.

The three girl pictures come from the NYPL digital gallery (link above).  The tole painted bear was made by Karen Markland and the bunny was a metal mini that I painted.  The plastic bottles are 1/4" scale.

The late Shirley Blair designed a beautiful antique drop center dresser with mirror.  I made the pale pink purse hanging from the knob from crepe paper.

The resin blue lady figure, I believe, is manufactured by Falcon Miniatures.  The frames were a laser cut kit from Shirley Blair and the roses are a Bonnie Lavish 1/2" scale kit.  The clock was a metal charm that I painted.  The 1/2" scale doily is made by Jeanetta Kendall.

I bought the precious 3/8" tall dolls at a show.  I printed the vintage girl faces, on the pillows, and cream pillow top from my computer.  I painted a brass jewelry box blue and made the jewelry using jump rings and no hole beads and strung super tiny beads for the necklace.  The tiny house and bear in the background were an internet download and can be found at, here.

Decals for the furniture come from Miniature Luxuries here.

I found the copyright free images for the plates from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery â€‹here.  Type children in the search engine and you will find hundreds of vintage images.  Be prepared to spend some time at that site!!

Here I have covered the edge of the shelf with  a ruffled trim and small cord that was colored with marker.  Ivy, vintage children's pictures, a marker colored laser cut doily, and a handkerchief printed from my computer hang off the edge. The bunny and flower on the left are slices of millefiori.  The two dolls on the right are made with fimo clay.  The rose Wallpaper paper border are stickers.

The two dolls on the left are less than a 1/2" tall and made with carved toothpicks and string for the arm and legs.  The third tallest doll was a porcelain blank that I dressed with marker colored lace and silk ribbon bows.   

Half Scale Little Girl's Room

 This 1/2 inch scale little girl's room was a club project.  It measures 8" long, 7"deep, and 5 1/2" tall.  Shirley Blair had designed and cut from her new laser machine most  of the furniture pieces seen in this box.  The ideas and inspiration for the furniture  came from a photo in a book of a child's bedroom that was decorated by interior designer Candace Olson.  Although the original room was decorated in pinks and cream, I chose to use shabby pinks and greens.  Photos of my box and other group members' boxes appeared in the Club Fanfare section of the April 2011 issue of Miniature Collector Magazine.  Completed in 2011.