Room Boxes by Denise Morales

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This is my favorite picture of the shop.

Since I had so many umbrellas and canes, I used a planter filled with styrofoam to hold them all.

I was inspired to make this bottle set after I saw one made by Lynda Stoy.  The bottle set was printed on paper, then covered with clear tape, then Magic Glos was applied to the bottles to give them dimension.  This was then glued on rectangular woodsies and I used quilling paper to make the sides of the box.

One club member shared with the group these most unusual seed beads from an old necklace.  I could not see beyond that it looked like a burnt hamburger until another group member suggested that it looked like a suitcase.  So, I made a round suitcase from it, used nail polish covered glued staples for the handle, added labels and then placed it in the men's shop. 

Collar case and shoes were club projects.

This wonderful man's writing desk was a gift from Nancy Gaiser.

Smoking jacket  was adapted from a sweater pattern and made from a silk tie and flocked scrapbook paper.

I added pictures, cuff links, shaving brush, and tie pin to a jewelry box kit by Lisa.

​I used the pattern from Lisa's Little Things kit to make more bow ties.

​Watches are made with scrapbook paper, millefiori or paper punched clock faces, jump rings and Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glos to create the glass dome.  When one uses the Magic Glos on paper, be sure to cover the paper shape with clear tape, then punch out, apply Magic Glos, then set it out in the sun to get the UV rays so that the liquid hardens.  

Wallets are made with patterned and flocked scrapbook paper.

The suit cases were made as a club project and the brown and black faux leather is fabric.

This upholstered chair and accessories were the part of the box that ​I added a slight steampunk flavor. 

From left to right:  1st, 3rd, and 6th hats are kits from Lisa's Little Things, 2nd and 4th are Chrysnbon, and 5th  one is by Reutter Porcelain. 

​Up close photo of this beautiful vanity kit.

I made Basil's Clothier sign using my Mac's Pages word processing program.  After I printed it, I colored the tan edges with marker, then used watered down brown and white acrylic paint to create flecks with a toothbrush.  I brushed Mod Podge on top and glued the paper sign onto a wooden base.

Gray furniture unit, vanity display case, boxes, a few of the collars, and sports coat on the right are kits from Lisa's LIttle Things.  

This floor length Bespaq shaving stand displays a shaving kit, a gift from Tina Squire.  I painted these metal minis with aqua nail polish and added internet labels, bottle, and handkerchief.  I made the shaving brush after a fellow club member showed me how she made hers from a tutorial on the internet.  Unfortunately, I do not know the tutorial site.

​Shelving unit and stacked shirts are a kit from Lisa's Little Things.  Bottles are a kit from Tina Squire.

Stacked boxes are from Lisa's Little Things.

Vest, bust and hat, ties, shirt collar  and boxes are a kit from Lisa Engler of Lisa's Little Things.  Suspenders are a kit from Dragonfly.  Some of the pocket watches are from Lisa Engler and others are made from jewelry findings, jump rings, and no hole beads.  I used one of my favorite products called Magic Glos by Lisa Palvelka found at Hobby Lobby to create the dome effect for the glass on the pocket watches.

​The cologne boxes are from Art of Mini.  I made the bottles from beads in my stash and labels from the internet.

​Golf shoes were purchased at a show.  The shoes on the right are metal minis that I painted with black nail polish.

Spencer's for Men box was a kit designed by Loretta Kasza.

​I used mat board to make the dress shirt inserts and custom cut the pattern to fit the shelves.

I chose a men's shop theme for a room box particularly because I wanted to experiment with masculine  colors of browns, grays, rusts, and blacks.  The decorating of  this box was a slight challenge for me as I had to use a lot of restraint with excessiveness and froufrou-ness in order achieve this more traditional, conservative style.  Completed October 2013.

Basil's Clothier