Room Boxes by Denise Morales

Hollow egg--a CH kit.   Dancing "pipe cleaner" bunnies on the table made with paper-covered  floral wire for armature, flocking for arms legs and body, vintage bunny head print, and gathered crepe paper skirt.

Just  had lots of pictures of my Easter Shop that I had to add a second  page.  Please go to Hippity Hop Easter to see the rest.

The bunny dome project was another class taught by Sherrill.

Hippity Hop Easter  2 ‚Äč 

Another one of my favorite bunnies--a CH kit.

My friend Patti brought in her pattern so that I could make the white fuzzy fleece bunny slippers, seen in the lower left.

This bunny egg suitcase stands no more than 5/8" tall and is also made with the Hearty clay hollow egg mold.  Painted pink  bunca formed the bottom of the dress and the shirt was cut from a patterned paper print that was embossed with a ball stylus on a pad to give it some shape.

This was a cheap plastic bunny that I bought from Alphastamps, then I glued  fake white fur on it and added a few whiskers.

Gray bunny in pot--class led by Paulette.

I needed some height on the left side of the table, so I put this bunny on an urn and the lyrics to a very old song popped into my head:  Tiny Tim's Tiptoe Through the Tulips.  I decided to follow that vision through except in this case, I think the bunny decided to do some stomping.  Funny how the brain work sometimes.  Paulette helped  with the design of this bunny.

What's the point in doing an Easter box and displaying only 6 or 7 Easter baskets when a table filled with them is better?  Isn't that the most fun part  about Easter, creating and filling baskets, both in mini and real life?

This tiny "stuffed"" bluebird is made with cut pom-poms, flocking, no hole beads for eyes and a paper beak .

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