Room Boxes by Denise Morales

A perfectly painted Karen Markland halloween witch stands above a 1/4" scale ghost trick-or-treater taught in a Round Robin by Mary Banner.

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Back in 2007, I took a Halloween class at my local miniatures store called Dollhouses Unlimited with Sherrill Jenkins. The original window/bench scene was created in a large cardboard pencil box.  After returning home that evening, I realized that I wanted a more sturdy container, so I remade and recut all the parts so that they would fit in a prefabricated 8 1/2"W X 9"H X 7" deep white box. This scene reminds me of an "orderly" explosion of Halloween goodness. In taking a boundless no-restriction decorating approach, I crammed vibrantly colored Halloween minis into every little available space. I also chose a multi-media collage approach where I combined beautiful artisan-made quality miniatures with craft store stickers, confetti, shrinky-dink figures, massed produced cheap plastic minis, and junk purchased at garage sales. I also incorporated things that I made back in the late 1980's when I first started miniatures as hobby. Peeking through the window is a vintage print of a witch and a large white owl.  I envisioned that when this friendly benevolent-spirited witch returns home to her shack in the woods she will be greeted by her glittery and vividly colored collection of bottles, potions, photos, postcards, nic-nacs and unique, yet gentle pets. Enjoy.  

A Karen Markland pumpkin man stands next to a vintage thimble (another garage sale find) that is filled with rolls of Halloween wrapping paper.  

Resting in the corner is a vintage honeycomb witch, another garage sale find, which I further embellished with feathers, millefiori, ribbon, and pipe cleaner boa.  

Orange stuffed pumpkins were made by Paulette Svec and Jack was created by Karen Markland. On the edge of the shelf drapes stretched tubular Italian wire mesh which is used for jewelry making and I found it at  the fabric store.

A Halloween Vignette

Oh, look!  The walls have eyes, and in this case a huge nose. In making a Groucho Marx mask/glasses, I made too big of a nose out of Fimo clay,  Instead of discarding it, I painted it, placed it on the wall and added wiggle eyes so the wall could see . . . . . and breathe.

Seen above the garage sale find beaded curtain trim are faux leather scrapbook sticker bats. In order to show that they were flying, I glued wire to their backsides and glued the other side of the wire to the back of the window. I glued a bunch of tiny beads to another garage sale find, a black watch face, and this made the clock for the room and is seen on the left side.  Shrinky dink Jack o'lantern faces decorate the ridge of the window trim. Stickers, prints, millefiori, and Halloween confetti decorate the edges of the window.

Centered on the shelf stands a black crepe paper witch made by Paulette Svec. White Fimo ghosts, frosted with white glass stain, hang between prints of trick-or-treaters. Although more visible in the photo above, I used dollhouse size brass door knob handles for hangers underneath the shelf and a Paulette crocheted sock hangs from one of them.

At a club Christmas party one year and made by Beckie Sanderson,  I was the lucky recipient of this lovely crocheted silk thread afghan. And beside it sits a stuffed green frog stitched by Paulette.  The stack of witch books were purchased at a mini store. The plate of millefiori cookies was made at a Round Robin and the candy eyeballs were made with Fimo clay.