Room Boxes by Denise Morales

  These are the very tall high heel shoes that changed the theme of the box.

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​The needle point canvas basket is filled with vintage  bundled letters, cards, pictures, advertisements, and a scroll.  The tutorial for the pen came from Las Miniaturas, a Spanish miniature magazine.  The altered book is filled with lace  and paper trim, no hole beads, rhinestones and vintage pictures. 

The book covers were printies from a beautiful blog called The Feathered Nest.  Again, I colored the dried  flower  with marker ink.  I punched a heart from card stock and covered it with no hole gold beads.   I made the ivy plant with  textured green paper and,  an ivy leaf punch and wire.

Since I did not have enough room for a desk chair, I improvised by making a stool from a garden urn.  I  tried to make a high cushion for it using lots of layers of quilt batting.

Boxes are  unfinished wooden blocks found at the craft store, one covered with a brown tissue paper and the other with an antique looking lettered manuscript and embellished with metallic and paper lace trim, rhinestones, small pictures and  a bead.

I love making sewing baskets!  This one is filled with button cards, rolled  lace, spools of thread, yarn, scissors, thread box, fabric, needle card and measuring tape.

Green candle holder is made from a square wooden base and spindle, a bead, and a metal finding, then primed, painted, and washed with antiquing medium.  Candle is made from a wooden bead, painted white, then coated several times with Mod Podge.  Glass jar is filled with a raveled fine thread, spools of thread and a vintage picture.  The birds nest  is made from an old green Brillo pad that had accidentally been churned in my disposal.

​The man and woman figurines inside the frame are metal minis that I primed and spray painted with gold.  I, then, applied a watery antiquing medium.  The key is a charm found at a craft store.  The porcelain vase, one of my most favorite things in this room box. was a blank that I first painted with Folk Art  Antiquing  Medium then dabbed off with a paper towel.  Then I colored the flower and leaves with marker and then edged with a metallic gold pen.  

The architectural piece above the frame is a scrapbooking embellishment that I spray painted gold.

​The umbrella  is a piece of lace gathered near the top  and near the bottom and then glued onto a brass rod.  I colored all of the laces with marker.

The clock is a Chrysnbon kit that I painted with green acrylic and edged with a metallic gold pen.  Empty frames are laser cut from the late Shirley Blair.  The letters on the "INSPIRE" garland were stamped with black ink  on reduced scrapbook paper, then, further reduced on my copy machine.  I punched them out with a circle punch then glued them on flower shape punched paper.

The paper dolls are cut from a punch that I layered with scrapbook paper for the clothes, and no hole beads and embroidery floss for the hair.  The dried flowers were salvaged from an old wreath and then colored with marker so that the ink bled into the dried petals to give them color.

This is a metal wicker hall tree that I spray painted with a flat black, then added cushions, trims, pillows, vintage -looking hats, umbrella,  purse, gloves and postcards.  The crocheted Raggedy Ann doll I purchased at a show.  Plant in the right corner, better seen in the photo above, was a kit from Julie Fisk.

A Lady's Flea Market Possessions

A group member suggested making a room box about an old lady and her cats and dolls.  Although that theme was the original intent for this room box, as it evolved the theme changed.  Once I added the high heel shoes, I began to envision a 30 something year old woman who enjoyed flea markets to find treasures for her crafty lifestyle .  Along with her vintage finds, shown in the room box are the lady's artistic creations which include altered bird houses, a book, pillows, collages, and boxes.  As an experiment in color, my goal for the box was to use as little to no pink  at all.