Mounted on the wall is a gold hand hook, and hanging from it is a beautiful beaded purse knitted by Patti Caster.

In order to fit into the room box that I was working on at the time, I did a garish witch transformation to a simple jewelry armoire that was taught in a class by Vikki Meeker. This is another favored piece in my collection.

A three tiered table is filled with candies and sweets because these witches obsess on treats throughout the year.

Witch boots and shoe boxes underneath the center table.

Oh, no!!!!!  It looks like the mischievous black cat let the spiders out of their home and two have already started to escape up the chair leg.

I have had these witch sketches for 25 years.

Umbrella is made using a long skinny toothpick and a bat millefiori slice for the handle.

Book on the right was made using leather and a rub-on sticker.

I love to decorate chairs because it gives me an excuse to use lots of trims and fabrics. . . and especially for witches, the gaudier the better. 

Beaded purse on the right was made using an online tutorial by Sandra Stacey found in an AIM issue, here.  Black boa that is draped on the chair back was crocheted by Paulette Svec.

Smaller bottle in foreground is made by Patty Caster.

I bought this frog planter at a miniature show and my first thought was to use it as a base for a hat stand.  However, I did not have any room for another hat, so, I used the vanity tray to make a small table.  I glued a wooden baluster into the frog stand and glued a pony bead to the top of the baluster, then glued the metal tray on top. The tray holds two brushes, a charm crown, pink bracelet, another doll, bottle, witch pictures, and lime green doily.

Witch boxes throughout room box are designed by Loretta Kasza.

Haunted flower corsage was a class led by Judy Sousa.  Creepy silhouettes were cut from scrapbook papers.

On this end table are a half mannequin, hat pins, metal mini telephone, a flower arrangement inside the third drawer, and a "needlepoint" purse hanging from the knob.  The flowers were designed by Sandra Manring.

A punch and scrapbook paper were used to make these witch paper dolls.

My miniature group shared  so many wonderful fabrics that I tried to use as many as possible in this bunting that is embellished with crescent moon rhinestones.

Watch faces are millifiori and bands are made from 1/16" ribbon that is painted with different acrylic colors.  Frame is painted with Pearl Ex pigments, then glittered.

Another toothpick witch doll is above the glitter house.

Copy of haunted house came from glitter

A porcelain parrot perches on top of crepe paper flowers and reindeer moss.  Most of the framed jewelry is made from dissected parts of scrapbooking stickers, beads and rhinestones.

On this 4" shelf that is on the right side of the box, are a flowered dressing table mirror, framed green jewelry and watch displays, Halloween poppers and glitter house, toiletry bottles and box, tiny millefiori butterfly inside a small bell jar, and green witch shoes.  

These hat boxes are stacked and glued wooden discs that are covered with scrapbook paper and trims.

Dark blue hat with purple wire flowers was an online tutorial with Cynthia Howe.

A close-up of the memory frame which includes gloves, hair comb, witch pictures, butterfly, glittered crescent moon and star, small bottle, beaded necklace, theater glasses and dried flowers.

Underneath the shop counter are a framed witch's memorabilia, umbrella, dark blue hat with wire flowers, several pairs of shoes, a runaway mouse, and several hat boxes.

Three mannequins, three masks, lingerie, several hats, shoes, and vanity items are displayed on this shop counter.

These flying bats surrounding the hat are made by Barbra Ann Meyer.

The tiny purple witches on the necklace are millefiori by Tamara Marble.  The butterfly pin is made with rhinestones and wire.

Here is another mannequin along the center back of the box.  As you can see, I enjoy experimenting with many fabrics and textures

I transformed these dolls from fairies to witches and there are 5 little witch dolls scattered throughout the box.  They were made in Singapore out of a polymer clay and were attached to a toothpick.  I took off the clay wings and hair, added a toothpick hat and fiber hair, then repainted them with bright colors using a toothpick.

I glued two flat-back tear drop shaped rhinestones together to make the bottle top.  Shirley Blair made the orange bag out of a metallic ribbon.

On the wall hangs a circle rhinestone mirror made from an earring found at a garage sale.  It had a huge flat-back pearl that I removed by heating it with a blow dryer and adding a mirror in its place. At the International Quilt Show, I found this peacock bead that was painted by very talented Russian artists. The mirror and comb were part of larger vanity set that I painted/decorated with Pearl-Ex powdered pigments, glitter, no hole pearls, and silk ribbon rose.  Underneath the shelf, that you can barely see, are witchy socks drawn onto card stock by Paulette Svec.

Along the back left side of the box hangs a three inch shelf that holds a pink leather witch's hat, two dolls, feather orange shoes, glittered glove box, three powder boxes from Cynthia Howe, suitcase bag, ribbon bag, and perfume bottle.

The necklace is made from a flower metal finding and flat gold rhinestones that have been painted with Pearl Ex pigments.  The black suede hat has been trimmed with blue metallic bunka, hand-dyed bias cut ribbon and a gold buckle. 

A shiny pink pleated metallic peplum dress is accented with markered, fringe and metallic trims, a black suede belt with large buckle, a shiny pink scarf, sequin trim "buttons," and costume jewelry.  Mask on the bottom left, as well as all the masks in the room box, were a group project taught by Judy Sousa. 

The bodice of the purple nightgown was made with lace that was colored with markers, "cups" were made with paper then glittered, and skirt was made with silk chiffon that was sprayed with hairspray then glittered.  This was a group project.

Decorating the hangers are a ghost and black cats that were punched out of a thin craft foam then painted with acrylics,  The forms of these corsets are made from card stock, then covered with fabric, lace and trims.  I colored the trims with markers to enhance the vibrant colors of the fabric.

Hanging on a brass metal rod below the purse shelf, are three vibrant corsets, a glittered sheer purple nightgown, and a metallic coat with green "fur" trim.

The late Shirley Blair designed this faux leopard skin hat with black chenille "fur" trim.  The hot pink feather fan was purchased at the miniature store.

The tan and black cotton bag is made from a circle that had been gathered on the edges, then stuffed with batting and decorated with a silk red ribbon rose and black lace.

In the foreground, the gold metallic binder clip bag was made by Shirley Blair.  I made the flowery "needlepoint" bag by printing two downloaded images onto ink jet cotton fabric paper, intensifying the color with marker, sewing the two halves together, and adding no-hole beads to the edges.

The large blue/gold metallic carpet bag on the left was done as a group project; the blue iridescent suitcase bag was made with scrapbook paper, button, trim and wooden discs sanded at the bottom; the purple bag is a metal charm that has been glittered and the light blue bag, in the background, is made with a metallic ribbon by Shirley Blair.

To compliment a witch's wardrobe, this shelf displays a faux animal skin hat, a feather fan, and ten different purses.

Center of the box.

Left side of the box.

Right side of the box.

I combined my love of the vibrant colors of Halloween and designing miniature clothing to create this whimsical miniature witches dress shop.  I named the shop partly after a member in my miniature group, Patti, who at times cackles like a witch and graciously laughs when other group members incessantly tease her.  Completed in 2013. 

Pattidora's Boo-tique

Room Boxes by Denise Morales

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Here is Pattidora, dressed in several fabrics, trims and necklaces.   I purchased the doll kit from

More mini witchy corsages.

This adorable glass mouse on the table's corner edge was made by the renown glassblowers of Venice, Italy.

This center table displays vanity items and fashionable jewelry that compliments the witches en vogue attire.

The candelabra was another mini group project.