Room Boxes by Denise Morales

     Hello!  My name is Denise Morales and I thank you for visiting Room Boxes by Denise.  My love for small things began as a young child when playing with my "Little Kiddles" were among my favorite toys. At the age of 16, while vacationing in Las Vegas, my mother and I were mesmerized by a miniature Christmas tree scene enclosed in a glass dome. I was completely captivated and ever since then I have been either collecting or making miniatures. My first miniature project was a small beaded Christmas tree dome kit which was popularly sold at Michael's stores in the 1980s. During the 1990s I took a break from doing miniatures while I was raising my children. In the mid 2000s, after my fourth child turned two, I slowly began to pursue my miniature hobby again.

      I have been greatly inspired by Mary Engelbreit's Home Magazine. It was on these pages that I was enchanted with a busy decorating style where more is…just more interesting. I strive to capture this charming style in my room box scenes. This is partly why I enjoy making shops or whimsical scenes. Lots of miniatures can be crammed into a box, just as if one were shopping at an enchanting store that was chock full of goodies. I enjoy experimenting with different fabrics, paints and color schemes. I usually choose themes where I can make a lot of the miniatures myself, with the exception of furniture pieces. Those pieces I buy and mostly paint a weathered antique effect. I focus on details in decorating the interior of structures instead of making the structure itself. 

     Support for my miniatures has been a family affair. Thanks to my mother for her unceasing support, interest, and enthusiasm. Thanks to my husband for help and resources so that I may attend miniature shows and classes. My youngest children frequently give me small things that they have found in the house, on the playground or on a nature walk so that I am constantly  challenged to find a place/use for them in my miniature settings.  Since my son has gotten older, he has started helping me with some of the wiring. I am grateful to my oldest daughter for designing this website and my second daughter for her artistic skills. 

       At a wonderful miniature store, I am fortunate to meet weekly with a group of talented miniaturists where we share friendship, laughter, ideas, supplies, skills, and knowledge. Thanks to all of the miniaturists online who unselfishly share their creative works through their blogs, magazines, pictures, videos and tutorials. And likewise, I would like to share pictures of my room boxes so that others may improve and be inspired on this miniature journey.

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